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Meet the Man Who Popularized the Viral #Trashtag Challenge Getting the People Around the World Cleaning Up

 When Byron Roman encouraged "bored teens" on social media to pick up litter, he didn't anticipate his post would make a difference. But seven days and hundreds of thousands of share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit later, the world is looking a little bit cleaner.

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#trashtag: Viral challenge sends internet on a garbage hunt

(CNN)- Instead of encouraging social media users to do something potentially dangerous, like choking down a spoonful of cinnamon or sticking a shot glass on your lips to copy Kylie Jenner, an altogether more wholesome viral challenge is spreading across the web.

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#TrashTag Challenge gains popularity thanks to Phoenix man.

Kim Powell

(3TV/CBS 5) People from all over the world are posting photos online using the "#trashtag"  

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On March 5th, 2019, Facebook[3] user Byron Rom├ín posted a "before" and "after" photograph of a location cleaned up by an unknown man, challenging "bored teens" to collect trash in littered places. The post gained over 91,000 likes and 300,000 shares in one week.

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TedX Talks Young Circle Park YouTube Carlos Zuluaga
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